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How can I find you ?
We are located on the Main St. , Via Roma nr. 56 , a couple of minutes walk from the railway station. You're not having any problem even if you're carrying heavy luggages. Or if you're travelling with childrens or seniors....Well if you're not so sure ...what 'bout a map to print out ?? CLICK HERE !!!

Do you serve breakfast ? Or is there a Kitchen ?
No, we only provide for the night accomodation, and there's no kitchen either . But we do have a coffeepot available , and in your room you'll find a selection of coffee, cappucinos, and the . Also a small fridge is provided in each room.

Are all the rooms located in the same building ?
Of course !!!........ And on the same floor either !!! .....The third, by the way. And just in case you're wondering......nope, no lift !!!

Do I have to share the bathroom ?
No, all the bathrooms are strictly private, reserved to each room separatly. Is there a shower and not a tub.

Can I see the sea from your windows ?
No, a couple of our rooms has windows who looks on the Main St. , you'll have a wondeful view of the Castle tough. The other one has a window facing on a backyard.

How far is the sea ?

Vernazza has a little natural harbour , and a sandy beach , that's ideal if you're coming with childrens. It' s happens to be the heart of the Village, the Piazza. A pleasent stroll along Via Roma for about 3 minutes will get you there .

I'm coming with a children, can you accomodate him/her ?

Sure, we can provide an extra bed, for a surcharge of 10,00 Euro per night.

I'm coming by car, is there a parking ?

Sure, you can park just at the outskirt of the village and take advantage of the Shuttle Service for an hourly ( € 1,50 ) , and / or daily ( € 12,00 ) , and / or weekly ( € 70,00 ) fee .

( Please note that we are not responsible for any change that may occour to these fees )

I'm coming by train, is there a direct connection to Vernazza from any of the main italian city ?
No, not yet ......... anyway, almost certainly you're going to land in Rome, Milan, Pisa or Genova. ( We strongly suggest to make arrangements to land in Pisa or Genova, because it'll be way much easy and fast to get here) . From there you have to catch a train to LA SPEZIA, and than board one of the many " treno locale " ( i.e. local train ) that stops at every little village along the coast, including, of course, Vernazza.

What is the best time of the year to be in the Italian Riviera?

The best time of the year to visit the Ligurian Italian Riviera usually begins in late April to early June and from early September to the end of October. Of course, July and August are the perfect time for sunbathing and swimming, but this area could turn out to be a little bit overcrowded and more expensive. On the other hand , if you like to party a lot , July and August offer much more opportunities for fun and popular entertainments.

Be sure to visit our links page where you'll find a list of dedicated weather sites for a last minute check .

What about the electricity supply ?
Houses in Europe and Italy, of course, are alotted a limited amount of electricity (3 - 6 kilowatts).Therefore , the use of too many appliances at the same time will flip a circuit breaker and shut off the electricity. We will not not provide a refund of any kind if electricity is lost temporarily. And don't forget to bring with you a plug-adapter !!!

What about smoking ?
Our rooms are NO SMOKING according to the Italian Law nr. 3\2003 art.51 that forbid smoking in hotel rooms and other public places.

I'm coming with a pet, do you accept it ?
Sure, as long as it's a small one !!!

Are you going to take a deposit when I give you my Credit Card Details ?
No, we need them just to hold your reservation. When you'll get here you can settle either by Credit Card or Cash.

I don't feel safe to give you my Credit Card Detalis trough the Net........ Is there any other way ?

Sure !!! Use our fax line available 24/7 !!! Dial the + 39 0187 735 136

What about the Privacy of my personal details ?
We conforms to the Italian privacy law (196/2003). This informations ( name, address, e-mail , phone numbers ) allows us to process your booking, to keep you updated , or to contact you in case a problem arise. All personal details are managed with absolute care

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